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  • : How long can I receive your reply after I send my inquiry?

    We will reply you within 12 hours on workday.

  • : What products and services can you provide?

    We specialize in the production of purification equipment, purification panels, and contract purification projects, and provide various industries with comprehensive sets of services such as the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of purification system equipment and air conditioning system engineering requirements for various air purification levels.
  • : How do you guarantee product quality?

    All kinds of air filters, purification workbenches, etc. produced by the company are tested and tested with a variety of test particles before leaving the factory.
    Sub-test products. The company has formulated a series of pre-sales and after-sales service and consulting systems to provide customers with thoughtful, complete and meticulous services.
  • : What application fields do your products mainly involve?

    It is widely used in clean construction fields such as electronics, biology, food, pharmacy, hospital, military and so on. It is especially suitable for high-clean areas and is currently an environmentally friendly board popularized in clean workshops.