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Do you know the shower system?

Generally speaking, the principle of infrared automatic induction blowing shower system in air shower room can be divided into two categories. The first category is simply using the photoelectric effect of semiconductor materials. For example, when infrared radiation enters a semiconductor PN junction, it will cause The excitation of the current carriers inside the semiconductor produces the migration of electrons and holes under the action of the built-in electric field of the PN junction. This achieves the purpose of infrared sensing.

This category is called photon infrared detection (induction). It is known that infrared radiation must be accompanied by thermal effects. When some objects absorb infrared radiation, the temperature of the object will change.

The principle of the second type of infrared sensing is to use infrared radiation to cause the temperature change of the object to be designed, which is called thermal infrared detection.

The entire intelligent circuit board system of the automatic induction system detects people standing in the induction area and automatically starts all devices, so as to achieve automatic showering. The automatic door sensing system of the non-automatic door air shower room referred to above.

The working process of the infrared automatic induction blowing shower system in the air shower room: Generally, when people enter the blowing area of ​​the air shower room, the system will automatically sense the blowing shower. After the infrared automatic induction shower, the fan introduces air from the outside through the primary filter, and then is pressed into the static pressure box of the air shower by the centrifugal fan, and then filtered by the high-efficiency filter, and the clean air is ejected from the nozzle of the air shower at a high speed to achieve The purpose of air shower purification.
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