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Aluminum honeycomb panel(Flange cover) Suppliers

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Aluminum honeycomb panel(Flange cover)

Aluminum honeycomb panel(Flange cover)

It is widely used in clean room enclosures, ceilings, industrial plants,
warehouses, cold storages, ovens, air conditioner panels and other
clean areas in high-tech electronics, medicine, chemical, food and
other industries.
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· Both sides of the rock wool composite board can be made of color-coated board, galvanized, stainless steel and other specific materials
  for purification.
· Aluminum alloy cold-drawn frame or iron keel frame is used all around.
· The product has beautiful surface, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, earthquake resistance, and fireproof performance
  in line with national standards.
· The product is semi-mechanical combined with manual production, which can be fixed in length and width according to the requirements
  of the buyer's project, and combined installation.
· It can greatly reduce the basic engineering and structural costs of the building, and it can be disassembled and assembled many times,
  construction and installation are convenient, and the overall effect is very significant.
Face material       0.18-1.2mm color steel/antistatic/fluorocarbon/galvanized/galvanized sheet/stainless steel 201.202.304/stainless iron 430
Core Honeycomb kraft paper and aluminum sheet impregnated with synthetic resin (phenolic, polysurface, etc.)
Thickness 50; 75; 100; 120: 150; 200 (upon request)
Width Standard board: 980mm, 1180mm; non-standard board any
Length According to customer needs (generally ≤6000mm)
Plate type Chinese character aluminum style, male and female mouth style, three female and one formula

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Suzhou Fuhua Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is China Custom Aluminum honeycomb panel(Flange cover) Suppliers and OEM Aluminum honeycomb panel(Flange cover) Company, Fuhua Filter Factory has advanced production technology, testing technology, manufacturing equipment and products. The company has an advanced testing system that fully guarantees all filters. Product performance testing, and Fuhua high-efficiency filters are manufactured in the 100,000- and 10,000-level purification workshops to strictly control the impact of the production environment on the product. Each piece of production and processing is strictly controlled by the quality, and the piece is scanned and tested. Before leaving the factory, we can provide customers with reliable and guaranteed custom Aluminum honeycomb panel(Flange cover).
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