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Do you know the structure of the air purifier (2)?

Do you know the structure of the air purifier (2)?

Water tank: As air purifiers receive more and more attention from consumers, the function of air purifiers is not limited to air purification. act as a humidifier.

Intelligent monitoring system: The intelligent monitoring system is simply understood as the supervisor of air quality. Through the built-in monitoring equipment, it can make a real-time judgment of the air quality between good and bad, and consumers can choose to use air purifiers according to the air quality. In addition, the intelligent monitoring system can also monitor the life of the filter, the water level of the water tank, etc., so that the user can understand the working status of the air purifier.
Negative ion generator and high-voltage circuit: generally used as an auxiliary purification function, mainly to send negative ions together with clean air. Negative ions have the functions of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, increase appetite, and lower blood pressure. After a thunderstorm, people feel comfortable because of the increase in negative ions in the air. Negative air ions can reduce the reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) produced by air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes, etc., and reduce the harm of excessive reactive oxygen species to the human body.
Disinfection device: As far as the structure of electrostatic air purification device is concerned, there are generally three products on the market: flat structure air purification device, honeycomb hexagonal channel air purification device, and round hole channel air purification and disinfection device.

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