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How should aluminum honeycomb panels be maintained?

1. Immediate jumping from high places is prohibited. A large impact will affect the uniformity of the aluminum honeycomb panel and even damage the floor. When moving objects on the floor, do not push the objects directly on the floor to avoid scratches caused by direct friction between the objects and the floor. Usually, people use a wheelbarrow with rubber wheels to move equipment and equipment. If you buy anti-slip chairs on the ground indoors, you can also choose tables and chairs with rubber wheels to minimize the impact on the movement of the ceramic anti-static floor.
2. The indoor air where aluminum honeycomb panels are paved should be maintained for a long time. Generally, the specified temperature is 15-35°C and the air humidity is within the range of 45-75%.
3. When repairing objects or equipment with low space in the building, floor absorbers should be used to disassemble the floor, and the floor should be removed gently to avoid damage to the aluminum honeycomb panel.
4. When placing the hanging object on the aluminum honeycomb panel, it should be placed stably to avoid damaging the floor, because the stable anti-static installation can distribute the weight of the force evenly, and the damage to the aluminum honeycomb panel is relatively small Small.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp tools to directly carry out construction on the surface of the decorative floor, so as not to damage the antistatic effect and beauty of the decorative surface. When necessary, anti-static materials such as cloth can be used to cover the ceramic floor to prevent construction from harming the floor.