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How to clean glass windows without leaving watermarks?

The glass windows at home need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the glass surface will easily absorb dust, breed bacteria, affect the aesthetics of the home, and also affect the lighting.
But cleaning the glass requires skill. Many people always leave watermarks when cleaning the glass, leaving a line of lines on the window glass. Learn the correct steps to clean windows, clean and bright without leaving watermarks!
Step 1: Dust off. Use a brush to clean the window frame and window sill first to remove the larger particles of dust and dirt.
Step 2: Clean the window frames and sills. Fill the bucket with warm water, then moisten the sponge well with clean water to wipe down the window frames and windowsills. For particularly stubborn dirt, a layer of detergent can be pre-applied to soften (Note: Do not use glass cleaner to clean marble windowsills! The acid it contains will attack the stone. Marble window sills can be removed with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide stubborn stains).
Step 3: Clean the window glass. Change to a clean bucket of warm water (the water should not be too hot, it will affect the effect of the cleaner), then add some glass cleaner or dish soap (add the water first and then the cleaner to prevent the cleaner from foaming).
Soak the washed sponge in the cleaning water to fully wet it, and clean the window from top to bottom with an S-shaped technique. If the window is very large, you can wipe part of it first, and then wipe the remaining part after washing the sponge, so as to ensure that the window will not be polluted twice.
Step 4: Remove water marks. From top to bottom or left to right, use the window wiper to quickly dry up the water. Do not wipe the window cleaner back and forth, starting at the top of the window and working down. Once you reach the edge of the window, blot the window cleaner with a cotton cloth to prevent drips from splashing on the window sill, and finally dry the corners of the window glass with a microfiber cloth.
If there is still a watermark after these steps, you can wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth to remove the trace.