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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy doors

1. It has a good decorative effect: the aluminum alloy door can be made into various colors and shapes, the surface is bright, the frame glass ratio is small, the aluminum alloy door can be made into a large-sized compartment, with a modern and beautiful appearance. Add brilliance to the building.
2. Good performance: The aluminum alloy door adopts thermal insulation profiles and insulating glass, which has good energy-saving effect and no frost and condensation. It can meet the needs of any high-end and high-rise buildings, and has been recognized at home and abroad. High-end door products.
3. Good processing performance: aluminum profiles can be processed into large sizes and complex cross-sectional shapes with high dimensional accuracy. The processing technology of aluminum alloy doors is relatively simple, and it is easy to realize modernization.
4. Strong corrosion resistance: the aluminum alloy oxide layer does not fade, does not fall off, does not need painting, is easy to maintain, and does not need to be repaired.
5. Durable: The aluminum profile is well surface treated, resistant to atmospheric corrosion, not afraid of moisture, not exposed to sunlight, not deformed at high temperature, not embrittled at low temperature, not burning, not aging, lightning protection, durable and stable, suitable for various climate environment.
6. Light weight: the density of aluminum profiles is 1/3 of that of steel, and the specific strength is high. The aluminum profile of the window is about 5KG per square meter, the steel is 10-20KG, and the plastic window frame weighs more than 10KG.
7. Conducive to environmental protection: waste aluminum is easy to recycle and has a high recovery rate. There is no environmental pollution problem during processing.