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Method for cleaning glass

1. You can find old newspapers. Newspaper is one of our most commonly used methods. There is oil left from printing on the surface. It can be used to wipe the stains and dust on the glass and it is very effective. Use newspaper to fold into small pieces to wipe, and then wipe the glass window will feel special. bright.
2. Water and a rag. Use a rag to soak in the water, then use a dry rag to put it under the glass, pile it up to catch the water, then use a wet rag to drench water from the glass frame, rinse off the floating ash and soil, and then use a clean rag to Wipe the frame, then wipe the glass with a clean rag. From top to bottom, there is no rework, so wiping can rinse the frame as well.
3. Use a glass scraper. Our glass has no frame, only glass such as bay window, you can use water spray and glass scraper, more professional, mix water with glass cleaner and then spray it on the glass, use the scraper to scrape the dirt and water on the glass. Because the scraper can stick to the glass to scrape off very fine dust.
4. Sponge block. You can use a sponge block to scrub the glass, you can wipe it without hurting the glass, and you can control the amount of water. Appropriately use detergent to scrub it again, then you can use an absorbent rag to absorb the detergent, and then wipe it again with a dry rag to be brighter.
5. Glass cleaner. Now everything can be used by human beings. Our intelligence is very powerful, so we have this little gadget to clean glass.
6. Two people wipe both sides. Sometimes both sides of the glass are dirty, so two people can start wiping from both sides together, and start rubbing from the top, so there is no need to switch back and forth.
7. If there is no platform outside the window. We can do it with a glass scraper. Be careful not to lean out to clean the glass by yourself. It is very unsafe. If you have to clean it, you can sit on the window and use a long glass scraper to complete it. But not recommended.
8. Hang from the top. Many buildings or companies will hire full-time glass-cleaning Spider-Mans, who can hang from the roof to clean the outside of the glass. They are more professional, so you should hire professionals when necessary.
9. Don't let the child clean the glass of the exterior window. The child can come to clean the indoor table and chairs or come to help, but don't let the child climb the window alone, it is very dangerous.