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Melamine resin clean door

Melamine resin clean door

It is suitable for clean doors in clean aseptic and dust-free workshops such as hospitals, electronics, pharmacy, biology, food, etc., as well as business doors in non-clean areas.
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Model: LHJ-50 type-100 type
Specifications: conventional, non-standard, and can be designed according to special requirements of users (customized three-fold and four-fold doors can be customized according to customer requirements)
Material: The door frame is made of XR aluminum alloy; the door leaf is made of color steel plate, painted steel, and paint-free steel
Filler: flame-retardant paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, rock wool sandwich, polyurethane foam
Window: square, oval, single-layer glass, double-layer printed glass
Surface: spraying, oxidation, sand electric whitening, electrophoresis, etc.
Hardware: A6 type fireproof lock, SS Shagang one-piece lock, spherical pressure lock
Sealing: compression-type leather strip, under-door lifting sealing strip
Color: can be roasted according to user requirements
YT-MAP Aluminum alloy flat frame melamine ester board clean door YT-MABX Stainless steel frame melamine ester board clean door


Technical parameter description

Door frame shape

Flat frame type, package frame type, clamping type, plug-in type (customized according to customer requirements)

Door leaf thickness: 40mm, 50mm


Imported and domestic melamine resin board: 4.0~50mm, door frame adopts YT aluminum alloy series


Flame-retardant paper honeycomb

Fireproof aluminum honeycomb

Rock wool

Polyurethane foam

Door leaf window

Square glass

Oval glass

Outside and inside round glass

Single and double glazing

Hardware Parts

Locks: split execution locks, conjoined execution locks, elbow pressure locks, escape locks, ball locks, etc.

Hinge: YT stainless steel detachable type, YT aluminum alloy detachable type, etc.

Sealing device: self-adhesive door leaf, embedded door frame, automatic lifting type at the bottom of the door

Surface treatment

Spraying (outdoor fluorocarbon powder, electrostatic powder), baking varnish, paint-free (colors can be customized by users>

Wind pressure resistance P3 (KPa)


Air pressure


Air tightness

q1 = 1.0




-q1 = 1.5

Door leaf weight


Paper honeycomb sandwich

Aluminum honeycomb sandwich

Rock wool sandwich

Polyurethane sandwich





Remarks: We can accept customer requirements and produce non-standard products of different specifications and models. Doors and windows can choose different shapes and different grades of glass, such as: tempered glass, fireproof glass, and bulletproof glass.

The melamine board clean door adopts a fire resistance grade of B; non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free standard plates; it has antibacterial, fire resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, and impact resistance; no pores, pollution resistance, and easy Cleaning and maintenance; a variety of color options, and does not fade, long lasting as new and other characteristics. The door frame is made of aluminum alloy double sealing material, which has the characteristics of good sealing performance, high strength, convenient opening, flexible installation and beautiful appearance.
Surface material characteristics
Melamine resin board has the characteristics of professional antibacterial, stain resistance, water resistance, humidity resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, drug resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a complete range of plain colors. Common surfaces are: matte silk surface, brushed Noodles, matt orange-grained noodles, bright noodles, etc.
Installation Notes
Connect with a central aluminum connector, and then fix it with fasteners (drilling screws provided by our company). Pay attention to maintaining the level and verticality of the installation, and then cover it with a special decorative strip, and then seal the door frame with special silica gel to maintain integrity And aesthetics.

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Suzhou Fuhua Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is China Custom Melamine resin clean door Suppliers and OEM Melamine resin clean door Company, Fuhua Filter Factory has advanced production technology, testing technology, manufacturing equipment and products. The company has an advanced testing system that fully guarantees all filters. Product performance testing, and Fuhua high-efficiency filters are manufactured in the 100,000- and 10,000-level purification workshops to strictly control the impact of the production environment on the product. Each piece of production and processing is strictly controlled by the quality, and the piece is scanned and tested. Before leaving the factory, we can provide customers with reliable and guaranteed custom Melamine resin clean door.
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