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Safe clean door

Safe clean door

It is suitable for the fire separation of fire passages, elevator halls, and corridor areas.
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Fireproof glass windows can be configured according to requirements.
High-quality fire-proof and heat-insulating materials make the fire-proof performance better, and also achieve excellent heat and sound insulation effects.
The high-quality door structure and manufacturing process fully meet the fire protection requirements and have both the beautiful durability and smooth opening of the product.
The fixed safety door adopts stainless steel frame, steel spraying frame, aluminum alloy frame and other structures.
The fixed glass usually adopts 5.0mm, 8.0mm single-layer wire-inserted tempered glass, equipped with Yatai custom safety hammer.
The locks can be conventional fire locks, push-down escape locks, and push rod escape locks.
The door frame structure can be customized according to the actual situation.

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Suzhou Fuhua Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is China Custom Safe clean door Suppliers and OEM Safe clean door Company, Fuhua Filter Factory has advanced production technology, testing technology, manufacturing equipment and products. The company has an advanced testing system that fully guarantees all filters. Product performance testing, and Fuhua high-efficiency filters are manufactured in the 100,000- and 10,000-level purification workshops to strictly control the impact of the production environment on the product. Each piece of production and processing is strictly controlled by the quality, and the piece is scanned and tested. Before leaving the factory, we can provide customers with reliable and guaranteed custom Safe clean door.
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