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Clean transfer window

Clean transfer window

The transfer window is a device to prevent pollution when outputting items inside and outside the clean room. This device is a kind of auxiliary equipment for clean rooms, mainly used for the transfer of small items between clean areas and between clean areas and non-clean areas to reduce the number of door openings in the clean room and minimize the pollution of the clean room. Degree, and is conducive to maintaining positive pressure in the clean room.
This product is divided into three categories: electronic interlocking transfer windows, mechanical interlocking transfer windows and self-purifying transfer windows.
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1. The work surface is made of stainless steel, which is smooth and clean
2. The doors on both sides of the passing window are equipped with sound and light control to remind you that the two doors cannot be opened at the same time;
3. The microphone tube on the device is for you to transmit information;
4. The device is pided into three types: general-purpose, electronic interlocking, and mechanical interlocking;
5. There are two functions of UV sterilization and lock handle for selection.


Technical parameters



Inner diameter size


Mechanical interlock transfer window (width × height × depth)



Electronic interlock transfer window (width × height × depth)



Self-cleaning transfer window (width × height × depth)




Note: Such products can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Suzhou Fuhua Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is China Custom Clean transfer window Suppliers and OEM Clean transfer window Company, Fuhua Filter Factory has advanced production technology, testing technology, manufacturing equipment and products. The company has an advanced testing system that fully guarantees all filters. Product performance testing, and Fuhua high-efficiency filters are manufactured in the 100,000- and 10,000-level purification workshops to strictly control the impact of the production environment on the product. Each piece of production and processing is strictly controlled by the quality, and the piece is scanned and tested. Before leaving the factory, we can provide customers with reliable and guaranteed custom Clean transfer window.
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