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FFU fan filter

FFU fan filter

The FFU fan filter unit can be modularly connected and used, making FFU widely used in clean rooms, clean workbenches, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms, and local hundreds of applications. FFU has two kinds of filters: primary and high-efficiency filters. The fan sucks in air from the top of the FFU and filters it through the primary high-efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is sent out at an average wind speed of 0.45m/s±20% on the entire air outlet surface. It has the characteristics of long life, low noise, maintenance-free, low vibration, and stepless speed regulation. The fan is of reliable quality and has a working life of more than 50,000 hours. It is especially suitable for assembly-type ultra-clean production lines, which can be arranged as a single unit according to process requirements, or multiple units can be connected in series to form a 100-stage assembly line. The shell structure is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and cold-rolled steel plate, which is light in weight, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and beautiful. Before leaving the factory, the products are in accordance with the US Federal Standard 209E, scanned and tested one by one with a dust particle calculator to ensure the quality.
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Average wind speed 0.35~0.45m/s
Filtration efficiency ≥99.9995%@≥0.3μm
Mute value 49~52dB(A)
power supply 220V/50HZ
power 110~190W


Technical parameters



FFU610 / 610



Dimensions (mm)




Rated air volume (m3/h)




Power consumption (W)




Noise (dB)

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Suzhou Fuhua Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is China Custom FFU fan filter Suppliers and OEM FFU fan filter Company, Fuhua Filter Factory has advanced production technology, testing technology, manufacturing equipment and products. The company has an advanced testing system that fully guarantees all filters. Product performance testing, and Fuhua high-efficiency filters are manufactured in the 100,000- and 10,000-level purification workshops to strictly control the impact of the production environment on the product. Each piece of production and processing is strictly controlled by the quality, and the piece is scanned and tested. Before leaving the factory, we can provide customers with reliable and guaranteed custom FFU fan filter.
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