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Advantages and disadvantages of melamine doors

1. Green environmental protection: high-quality wood and environmentally friendly adhesive are selected. After multiple production processes, high temperature and high pressure composite molding, the surface of the door panel has a melamine molding layer of various colors or natural wood grains. The product's formaldehyde emission and harmful The heavy metal content is lower than the national standard.
2. Natural decorative effect: The surface of the melamine molded door panel and door cover adopts melamine molding technology, which is paint-free, environmentally friendly, waterproof, flame retardant, wear-resistant, pollution-resistant and has various colors or natural wood grain effects. By cutting down the original trees, we can meet the needs of the majority of users for natural wood.
3. Waterproof and moisture-proof, sound insulation and flame retardant: The melamine molded door panels and door covers have excellent waterproof performance, sound insulation and flame retardant properties that cannot be achieved by similar products through perfect design, exquisite processing and application of melamine technology.
4. Reliable quality and outstanding advantages: The specially treated melamine molded door panel has the characteristics of no deformation, no cracking, no delamination, wear resistance, moisture resistance, environmental protection, flame retardant and durability, etc. There are many deficiencies such as stain resistance, easy deformation, easy cracking, easy delamination, flammable, easy to mold, and the surface needs to be painted or sprayed for many times.
1. The solid wood does not have a strong feeling, there is no natural solid wood texture, and it feels average to the touch. The characteristics of its low-end price determine that it is only suitable for engineering doors and ordinary ecological doors, not suitable for home decoration.
2. Due to the notorious reputation of melamine milk, consumers avoid the word melamine, and are resistant and unwilling to accept melamine series products.